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Image Credit: Peter Griffiths


Gillian Brent

Alexandra Harley

Jill Gibson

Sheila Vollmer

Who We Are

This Stuff Matters are four established women sculptors, Alexandra Harley, Gillian Brent, Sheila Vollmer and Jill Gibson. They first met as a group in 2019, participating in an experimental mixed group show Testing 123..... Unit 3, East London, curated by John Bunker. Please click the link below to read a  current resume for all four sculptors. Further details and more information on individual artists can be accessed via their individual websites.

We Are Still Here:

Image credit:  Alexandra Harley.
Featuring work by Sheila Vollmer, Alexandra Harley, Gillian Brent and Jill Gibson: 
Venue:  Yorkshire Arts Space, Exchange Street, Sheffield Oct 2021


Please visit individual artists web page or message us directly via the contact form at:

This Stuff Matters

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